Volunteers’ Week 2023

Volunteers' Week

The Education Authority Youth Service are searching for enthusiastic and energetic volunteers to help in the delivery of youth work programmes.

Whilst volunteering you will be offered a variety of opportunities, and be provided with all the training you need. You will also get to meet new friends, learn lifelong skills and be providing support for young people in your local community. 

If you would like to get involved, please complete the form below.  This is available in an online format and printable document.  

What EA Volunteers have to say...

"I like being an important part of my community and helping out any way i can. It's also enabled me to be more confident in leadership and pushed me out of my comfort zone for the better.
I am continually progressing personally and professionally for the future."
Volunteer at Ballymoney Area Project
"I love working with the young people who use the centre. Working in this type of environment has allowed me to offer advice and provide support, but it’s also a lot of fun, and made some really great friends.
Through volunteering in Taghnevan I would say I have definitely developed skills and qualities, the one I have noticed the most is patience."
Volunteer at Taghnevan Youth Centre
"The thing I enjoy most about volunteering is meeting up with young people and having fun.
I would highly recommend it to others as its boosted my confidence and I’ve gained more knowledge about myself and I have develop skills that have helped me in other areas of my life."
Volunteer with North Belfast Area Project
"Volunteering has just been so much fun so far, being able to help and guide young people is very rewarding alongside the opportunity to be a role model. I would have to say that by volunteering and taking part in youth programmes that I have grown as a person, and have increased confidence. I would also say I have developed leadership skills."
Volunteer at Drumgor Youth Centre
"The thing i have gained the most from volunteering is getting involved in organising games. I would definitely recommend it, i think it is good to get out there and it's great to have on your CV. I enjoy playing games and activities with the young people and when they win their face shows brightness."
Volunteer at Banbridge Youth Resource Centre
"What I enjoy most is that volunteering is such a rewarding and fulfilling experience.
It allows me to make a positive impact on children’s lives and helping them learn and grow. It's also a valuable experience and it allows me to give something back. Volunteering has helped me develop my skills in communication, leadership, problem solving and creativity."
Volunteer at Epicentre Armagh

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If you have any questions about volunteering or would like advice on how to start your volunteering journey, please get in touch with our staff training & development team below:



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