On Friday 20th March, all Education Authority (EA) funded youth centres were asked to close to protect the health and safety of young people. We want you to know that even though our buildings are closed, we are still here for you and our youth workers will be providing support for you in any way we can in the coming weeks and months, until it is safe for us to re-open our buildings. Please keep watching our social media and visiting this website where we will be posting lots of opportunities for you to take part and connect with us and other young people.

The Creative Arts and Digital Innovation (CADi) Team have been working behind the scenes to make this website a place that will support your personal and social development. It will bring you a wide range of ideas and activities that are designed to help you learn new skills, connect with others, look after yourself and have some fun.

If you would like to have a chat with a youth worker or need help or support, click the button below to stay connected.

Stay Safe, Stay Well

We have developed the Stay Safe, Stay Well section to give you some additional guidance and resources to support your health and well-being whilst we stay safe at home. Click the button below to find out more.

Stay Safe, Stay Well

Stay Engaged

Check out the latest activities from the stay engaged section of this site.

Self Talk Action Plan

We are big believers in developing a growth mindset here at Youth Online and one of the key elements of this is changing the way’s we talk to ourselves. You[…]

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Create the Ultimate Burger

Who doesn’t love a really really good burger (vegetarians probably) and we are massive fans of a classic burger here at Youth Online. When we came across these 10 tips[…]

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Processing Emotions

You might not realise it but being able to process your emotions is not only helpful for your own mental health but its also an essential life skill. Check out[…]

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