Volunteer Week 2024

The power everyone

Youth Services rely on the efforts and time given by volunteers within both the statutory and community and voluntary sectors to function sustainably, with volunteers contributing up to 95% of the workforce that makes up the Youth Service in Northern Ireland.

The EA Youth Service has developed 8 key themes for developing youth work volunteers: 

  • Theme 1: Youth Work Sectoral Partnership
  • Theme 2: Strength Based and Volunteer Centred Approach
  • Theme 3: Welcoming and building a community of Youth Work Volunteers
  • Theme 4: Celebrating the Contribution of Volunteers in Youth Work Delivery
  • Theme 5: Minimising the expectations on Youth Work Volunteers
  • Theme 6: Providing Skills and Immersive Experiences for Youth Volunteers
  • Theme 7: Nurturing Leadership
  • Theme 8: Promoting the Youth Work Volunteer Offer


This year, the theme for Volunteer Week, 3 – 9 June 2024 is THE POWER OF EVERYONE. 

The Power of Everyone reminds us that we are one youth service, working together to provide the best opportunities for children and young people across the country.  We are one service made up of thousands of incredible organisations, staff members, volunteers and young people, but every youth organisation and each volunteer has their own story to tell.  The story of their leadership journey, the story of their volunteer experience or even the story of how it all began for them.  


You can read some of our volunteers testimonials below or watch the videos produced highlighting some of the incredible work that is being delivered, the impact of volunteers for children and young people and also what our volunteers consider as the highlights of their journey. 

We would like to extend a massive THANK YOU to all volunteers who work tirelessly week in, week out to better the lives of children and young people.  

We see you, we recognise and appreciate the work that you do and we thank you for your service. 

Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteer Showcase Videos

Want to know more or get involved?

You can contact our volunteer team to find out more information or let them know if you are ready to start your volunteer journey. 



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