EA Youth Service Launch new Centre Apps

The Education Authority Youth Service launch new centre apps to all local youth centres across Northern Ireland for young people, parents and youth work staff and volunteers.

Youth leader Jamie King stands infront of graffiti wall with 2 young people holding ipads and an iphone displaying the new app front page.

As part of Parents Week 2023, The Youth Service are launching a series of apps for young people and parents.  The apps will provide up to date club schedules, upcoming trips and visits and the parents pack information as a quick reference guide.  These apps will help parents, young people and volunteers stay informed with what’s happening at the centre.


Once downloaded, youth workers are able to send push notifications directly to parents and young people’s phones, previously the only form of communication for youth workers was using the centre Facebook pages. 

Strategic Services Manager Michael Hogg explains:


“We are delighted to be launching the first phase of our newly improved digital services. Having the ability to directly communicate with parents will be a fantastic help to our staff who are currently relying on young people relaying core messaging to their parents. 

Looking over a young persons shoulder while they use the centre app on their iphone.
Jamie King, the youth leader, stands in front of a sports hall holding an ipad with the app front cover displayed.

The apps will have a parents’ only section filled with helpful information on club rules, parental permission slips and safeguarding information.  We believe the apps will help parents stay informed, find information and have contact details to reach out should they have any concerns or wish to talk to their local youth worker.”

The local youth staff are looking forward to bringing the apps into their club and having a new digital format to connect with their members.  Jamie King, Youth Worker in Drumgor Youth Centre, Craigavon stated,

 “It is going to help improve how we at, Drumgor can connect not only with our members but the wider community.  Parents will get club updates instantly and we love that we can send notifications out directly about upcoming opportunities for all our young people.”

The youth centre apps are now available to be downloaded via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store by searching “EA – Youth Groups” or click the buttons below. 

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