Horizons Programme 2023

Are you aged 15-17 and interested in:

  • Making a positive change within your community
  • Gaining qualifications 
  • Developing your leadership skills 
  • Making new friends 
  • Traveling internationally 

Then the Horizons programme is for you!!  

Do you meet 3 of the following criteria:

  1. Group work experience or membership of a group or youth organisation, these can include sports teams, a band or a group that you are involved with your friends 
  2. Demonstrated leadership potential within the community. We are seeking young people who may be a leader within their peer group, on occasions this could be seen as a negative way of working depending on the circumstances, however the programme will create positive and lasting change within communities. 
  3. A willingness to advocate on behalf of others, a young person who may be a role-model, community champion or someone who speaks up for their friends and is willing to step forward creating a voice for their peers and highlighting real life issues. 
  4. A desire to meet others and experience new opportunities, is willing to make new friends, give back to their community and have a role in the design and delivery of the programme at local level. 
  5. A passion for positive change within themselves, their family and friendship circle and across the wider community.  We aim to create positive leaders who can inspire others and create lasting change. 

Got Questions? Want to know more before applying?
Contact the team below:

Jason Perry

Senior Youth Worker 3/Team Leader



Andrea Walker

Area Youth Worker 2


Demi Clements

Area Youth Worker 2


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