Create A Scrapbook

If you are anything like most of the people on the planet you have gathered up a bunch of photographs, trinkets or memories that are either sitting in a box somewhere or stored away on one of your devices and you never get to look at them properly. Why not use the time you have at the home to arrange these properly into a scrapbook that details all the memories and experiences you’ve had. You could even do it as family get everyone to contribute something to the scrap book.

You could include your favourite little trinkets, old tickets from fun days out, postcards from holidays, photographs from when you were young or even cinema or concert ticket stubs from films or concerts you really enjoyed!

Once you’ve got all these theres no correct way to arrange them, it’s your story to tell and it’ll help you be a bit more mindful of the things that are important to you in life and help you reflect on what you’ve enjoyed most. This might also be something that helps you create your Post Lockdown Bucket List as you try to think of all the things that are most important to you and that you want to do once lockdown eases.

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