Create A Drive In Cinema Experience

This activity isn’t so much for everyone reading this but giving you an idea of something special you can do with any little brothers and sisters that live with you. Why not take a bit of time to create a drive in movie experience for them? As lock down eases we are seeing real life drive in cinemas begin to pop up around the country, but not everyone will be able to go along or maybe they won’t be playing movies that your little brothers or sisters will want to watch.

Well with a little bit of creativity you can use some everyday objects to create a fun experience for your little brothers and sisters that doesn’t cost much and is bound to brighten up their day. You can put as much or as little effort into it as you like, check out this fantastic guide we found online for everything you might want to do including; creating the cars, the snacks and the screen. Click the button below to read the full guide:

If you do host your own drive in cinema experience we would love to see how you did it and feature it at the bottom of this page to inspire others. When you’ve finished take a photo of the final product and submit a photo or video via the submit your activities button to the right hand side of this page >>>

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