Ultimate Paper Plane

With a bit of time on your hands, now is your perfect chance to get into aviation… at least of the paper variety. Why not take a leaf out of the same book as the England football fan in the video below and use your boredom to create the ultimate paper plane!

Don’t worry we aren’t condoning throwing paper at peoples heads (no matter how much they have been on your nerves during lockdown!) but it’s a great opportunity to take a bit of time and create your own ultimate flying machine. Why not make it into a bit of a competition against everyone you live with? We’ve done a bit of research and found the ultimate guide to creating paper planes on the Art Of Manliness website (again don’t worry this activity isn’t just for boys). Click the button below to read the full guide:

Once you’ve given this a go why not film the first fight of whichever model you decide to make and then share it on social media and tag EAYouthService, don’t forget to use the hashtags #stayconnected and #youthonline

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