Photography With CADi

Photography is one of the five key disciplines of the CADi internship and training programme that runs throughout the year. You might think that taking a photo is about taking your phone out and snapping a quick picture but on the CADi programme you’ll quickly realise that there is so much more to learn about taking GREAT photos!

In the video below Sophie one of the CADi participants from this year walks us through some of the different modes on a DSLR camera and what they do and the examples of the types of photos you can take in the different modes – have a quick watch to learn something more about your camera.

Below Jessica shares another skill she learn’t as a participant on the CADi internship programme.

If that has made you interested check out this video below from Ewan as he walks us through some of the different things he learn’t on the CADi internship programme this year.

If this programme interests you and you are aged 16-18 click the link below and apply for a space on this years CADi programme. Spaces are filling up fast, so apply now and don’t miss out!

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