Essential Bike Skills For Beginners

Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy and look after yourself and whether you are someone who is never off their bike or a beginner or occasional cyclist, now is a great opportunity to improve your cycling or get into a new type of riding.

We’ve found three great how to videos that will show you how to improve your cycling skills in either road cycling, mountain biking or riding a BMX. Check out the videos below and get out there on your bike (don’t forget to wear a helmet!)

Road Cycling Tips

Credit: GCN

Mountain Biking Tips

Credit: GMBN

BMX Tips

Credit: Adam LZ

If you give any of these skills a go why not create a short video clip of you on your bike and send it in to us via the submit your activities link on the right hand side of this page >>> so that we can add it to the bottom of this page for others to see and be inspired!

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