Lego Master Builders Challenge

If you have been enjoying the Lego challenges we have posted here before we have another treat for you, some of the Master Builders from Legoland California have been using the lockdown to post mini challenges on their website for everyone with Lego at home to get involved with. So far challenges have included things like making a; Cupcake, Dog, Pirate, Skateboard, Sheep and Flower.

Each challenge has a video showing the parts the Master Builder will use to create the model so you can hunt through your own stash of bricks to see if you have the right ones or why not be creative and come up with your own version of the model (there’s no right or wrong answer with building Lego, as long as you are having fun.)

If you think your Lego building skills are up to it click the button below to see all the challenges:

We would love to see any creation you come up with or why not make your own Lego challenge and submit it via the submit your activities button on the right hand side of this page >>>

You can share your final creations on social media and tag EAYouthService don’t forget to use the hashtags #Stayconnected #YouthOnline

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