Come Dine With Me

Have you checked out our food glorious food area of the website? It’s full of loads of really informative how to guides for cooking healthy (and some not so healthy) dishes that don’t take too much skill or fancy ingredients. Click the image below to see the most up to date recipes and tutorials.

One way we thought you could put these recipes and your skills to the test would be for you to host your own come dine with me competition with other members of your family living with you over a couple of nights in the week. If you haven’t heard of the show basically all you have to do is host your own dinner party on a different night (in your own house at the minute of course) and then at the end of each meal everyone gives it a score out of 10. The winner once everyone has thrown their dinner party is the one with the highest score.

Check out this guide from BBC Good Food for some tips for making your dinner party stand out above the rest of your family members:

Once you’ve given it a go we would love to hear how you get on and don’t forget to use some of those fabulous Youth Online recipes to show off to your family. Why not take some photos throughout your dinner party and share on your social feeds using the hashtags #youthonline #stayconnected #getcooking to let us see how you get on!

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