Write Your Own Movie

If you have a passion for movies and want to learn how to write one for yourself or even just understand how other movies are written we have found this great short course that is free to take and created by UEA (University of East Anglia) and Future Learn.

(One note, whilst taking the course is free for 4 weeks, you don’t get a certificate/accreditation unless you pay a fee – but you can learn everything and some skills are as useful without the certificate, especially if you enjoy learning them).

This course covers:

  • Basic characteristics of screen story
  • Development of a basic storyline
  • Story structures including The Three Act Structure and alternate story structures
  • Characters and developing character outlines
  • The construction of scenes including the role of dialogue and character voice
  • The workflow for writing a first draft of feature film screenplay
  • The process for screenplay formatting
  • Writing – and finishing – a first draft

This course is probably for you. So if you think you are the next big screen play writer click the button below to sign up:

Did you take this course? If so we would love to read your script ideas whilst taking part, click the submit your activities button on the right hand side of the page and send us your creations. Don’t forget to #StayConnected.

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