Wrap A Gift Like A Pro

You know that feeling you get when you unbox a new iPhone or other electronic gadget, as you slowly lift the lid off and then peel away the temporary screen protector, it almost adds to the magic and theatrics of getting a new piece of technology. High end electronics makers know this, so they have put a lot of effort into creating the perfect unboxing experience (people used to even upload videos of unboxing their new tech). Well unwrapping any gift can add to the experience so if you want to give your gift reciepents a bit of extra theatre and magic as they unwrap their gifts from you why not learn the new life skill of how to wrap a gift properly.

We’ve uncovered a great guide (from a professional gift wrapper) that shows you the best way to wrap any gift. Trust us, you’ll thank us when Christmas rolls around and all the gifts you are giving put everyone else’s to shame under the Christmas tree!

Check out the full guide here:

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