Ways To Be Helpful In Lockdown

One of the 5 key steps to wellbeing is to give, but this might seem like a bit of a challenge during lockdown or whilst socially distancing from others. Below we have complied a bit of a list of ways that people can help others whilst socially distancing or on lockdown, they are just some simple ideas and hopefully you can find something that you could do to help someone else during this time:

  • Teach a skill
  • write a thank you letter
  • Show an boomer how to use zoom
  • Tidy your room
  • Do the dishes
  • Clean your parents car
  • volunteer online
  • donate to foodbanks
  • call a friend to see how they are
  • post something inspirational online
  • Sew some face-masks or PPE
  • Get some groceries for an elderly neighbour or relative

Is there something we missed? Why not send in your idea via the submit your activities button below and we will add it to the list to help others out.

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