Self Talk Action Plan

We are big believers in developing a growth mindset here at Youth Online and one of the key elements of this is changing the way’s we talk to ourselves. You know, the wee conversations we have in our own heads, maybe for some of you it’s very occasional or for others it’s a constant monologue of thoughts and ideas about yourself and others. A big change in how we experience life and developing our own growth mindset is about reframing challenges when we face them.

So when you face a challenge you need to think of what you might say to yourself instead:

Don’t Say: “I Can’t Do this” try to say “I need help understanding this.”

Luckily the team over at have created a great worksheet to help you think through your challenges before you face them so that you have a toolkit to use when different challenges present themselves to you.

Click the button below to download the worksheet from

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