Screen Time Challenge

Let’s face it pretty much everyone has been spending more time on screens over the last few months. They have become an essential point of contact for the outside world, for school, work and socialising. But being on screens all the time does have it’s costs, to our mental and physical health. We wanted to set you guys a challenge to look back over the last few weeks and months to see what you thought of your screen time and how it might have affected your mental health.

Below you will find the best ways to track your screen time on either Apple iOS or Android.

When you look this up we want you guys to reflect on how you feel about the numbers you see. Are you surprised by these numbers? or maybe you thought they would be higher? Whichever it is, its good to remember that there are other ways to connect with people in you life, off screens and its good to take breaks and enjoy what’s going on around you whenever possible.

iOS Screen Time

Android Screen Time
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