Hand Art

Check out this great hand art tutorial for hand art from Newry, Mourne and Down youth worker Bethany which is a great way to be creative whilst thinking about the things that are important to you.

Once you’ve finished why not post a photo your ‘handy work’ to Instagram or Facebook and tag EAYouthService (Don’t forget to use the hashtag #stayconnected)

Things you will need:

  • 1 A4 Page
  • Pencil
  • Black felt tip or pen
  • Felt tips/ colouring pencils

You can use the attached template of the hands or make your own.

Step by step instructions:

Take the A4 page and with a pencil or pen

  • Draw around your hands making the shape as shown in the picture above.
    • You should then see a shape like a heart in the middle. (in between your thumbs and index fingers)

Once you have got this done you have done the hard part. – Now get creative!!

  • On your left hand (draw or write) about things you (enjoy doing, people you enjoy spending time with etc)
  • On the fingers of both hands think about who you are? What would people say about you?
    • Maybe you’re:
      • Funny
      • Always positive
      • Energetic
      • Supportive
      • Happy
  • On the right hand draw or use words to show what means the most to you?
    • Maybe you:
      • Have a favourite quote
      • Are part of a sporting team you could draw there crest
      • Have a favourite place
  • Draw around the hand with black felt tip so it stands out.
  • Use felt tips and/or colouring pencils to make the hand drawing stand out.
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