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With some extra time on our hands now can be the perfect time to create or update a CV to help you sell yourself to potential employers. Maybe you have just finished your GCSEs or A-levels and you aren’t sure about the next steps to take or whether University or returning to school is right for you. Having a CV can be a great tool both for giving out to potential employers to secure a part-time or full-time job but it also is helpful if you are applying to a job with an application form as you will already have gathered all the details required into one place making the application process quick and straight forward.

We’ve worked hard to gather up as many helpful resources as we can on this page to help you create a killer CV that sells your skills and abilities to potential employers.

Writing your CV

Here is a short and engaging video from recruitment site monster that explains in really simple terms how to write a CV and what to include in it, check it out before you start putting pen to paper.

Credit: Monster

Formatting your CV

Here are three different organisations that will provide useful and accurate advice for what employers are looking for. Check out each one to see how to best format your CV and what to include in each section.

National Careers Service


Designing your CV

One of the things some people don’t think about is making their CV stand out and look professional (please don’t forget to make it look professional, there is such a thing as standing out too much!). With so many free design platforms available there is no reason for even the most design challenged person to create an engaging document that will highlight their strengths and abilities.

One of our favourite platforms for design work is you have to create a free account with them to use the service but we have found their templates and font combinations for a variety of jobs. If you look up their site they have a whole section for CVs that you can take your info and plug it into. Don’t go too overboard on the design but you want to make your CV look interesting to an employer who might get hundreds sent in each week.

We hope you found this guide helpful, if it was let us know in via social media and if there is anything missing from the guide that you want us to include, send in your ideas via the submit your activity button on the right of this page.

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