Make Your Own Comic Strip

If you want a new way to express your creativity why not try to create your own comic strip. We have found a great tutorial from Imagine Forest that will help you design and create your own comic strip. Click the button below to read the guide:

To create your own comic strip you can either draw it out by hand and add all the details and words yourself of if you prefer we have found two great free websites designed to help you bring your ideas to life:

Pixton has a really detailed editor that gives you control over the whole comic scene from editing the colour of the characters clothes to the different parts of each background. This site is best if you want to spend lots of time creating high quality comics.

Makes Beliefs Comix is a more basic editor which gives you plenty of templates and objects you can add in to each design but customisation is limited compared to Pixton. This editor is best if you want to create a quick storyboard comic in less than 10 minutes.

Whichever option you chose, drawing by hand or a digital service we hope you have lots of fun designing your own comic strip. Once you have finished why not share your designs online and Tag the EAYouthService so that we can see them too! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #stayconnected

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