Baking Soda Volcano

Who doesn’t like blowing stuff up – in a safe way of course! Well if you are like us and want to create your own erupting baking soda volcano watch the video below and see how it is done. It’s pretty simple and you’ll learn a bit about science in the process, if only every…
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Ultimate Paper Plane

With a bit of time on your hands, now is your perfect chance to get into aviation… at least of the paper variety. Why not take a leaf out of the same book as the England football fan in the video below and use your boredom to create the ultimate paper plane! Don’t worry we…
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Science Challenges From The Engineers at Dyson

Do you enjoy making things, trying stuff out and generally creating experiments? Well the engineers at Dyson (yes the people that make hoovers and other stuff) have come up with a great set of challenge cards that give you 44 experiments that you can do with stuff you have in your home. Some of the…
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