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Growth Mindset Action Plan

If you have ever come face to face with a challenge and things didn’t work out for you (and let’s face it who hasn’t been there) how you responded to it can be really important. Developing a growth mindset can help you reflect back on those challenges and create a plan for what to do…
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Do You Know the Impact of Your Trainers?

Do you know the impact of your trainers on the world around you? Have you ever thought about everything that goes into this seemingly simple item of clothing either when its being made or after you are finished with them? A YouthOnline we think its important to look after the world around us so when…
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Create A Scrapbook

If you are anything like most of the people on the planet you have gathered up a bunch of photographs, trinkets or memories that are either sitting in a box somewhere or stored away on one of your devices and you never get to look at them properly. Why not use the time you have…
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Hand Print Memento

It might not seem like it but maybe now is the perfect time to create a memento of this moment in time along with everyone that lives with you. With this memento you can capture everyone that was together during this challenging time and help focus on the positives that you have experienced whilst staying…
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28 Days of Mindfulness

Here are 28 great ideas for becoming more mindful and taking notice of the world around you – why not give some of these ideas a go and if they are helpful let others know about them. Don’t forget to tag EAYouthService in your posts and share with the hashtags #mentalhealthawareness #youthonline #stayconnected.

Hand Art

Check out this great hand art tutorial for hand art from Newry, Mourne and Down youth worker Bethany which is a great way to be creative whilst thinking about the things that are important to you. Once you’ve finished why not post a photo your ‘handy work’ to Instagram or Facebook and tag EAYouthService (Don’t…
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My Strengths Toolkit for Kids

Kids version of the My Strengths Toolkit.

My Strengths Toolkit

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