Tag: Practical Skills

Change a Car Tyre

You might be using your summer to learn how to drive or maybe you just want to upgrade your practical skills so that you can help your mum or dad out whenever they are caught in a jam. Being able to change a flat tyre on a car could be an invaluable skill to know…
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Beginners Guide to Personal Budgets

Another key life skill to develop is being able to manage your money. One of the simpliest ways to do this is to create a budget (and stick to it). We’ve gathered together some information here to help you start the process of creating your own budget. Budgeting sounds complicated but its really just the…
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How to Tie Knots

At Youth Online we love finding resources that teach you guys different skills that will help in different areas of life. One of the most versatile life skills you can develop is the ability to tie different knots (just ask our friends at the Scouts!). With that in mind we have found this great site…
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