Tag: Photography

Video Camera Basics

One of the key things to taking better quality video is understanding your camera and what it actually does. All those buttons and settings might seem useful but they are no good if you don’t actually know what they do! Check out the video below from Crash Course that shows the basics of what a…
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YouTube Photography School

There is no doubt that we love our photography here at Youth Online and if it’s something you wanted to try it out for yourself or if you already love photography too then why not check out the great tips on The School of Photography on YouTube that will help you get the most out…
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Take Better Nature Photographs

We love photography here at YouthOnline and we are always trying to improve our skills behind the camera. It’s a great opportunity to get outside during the better weather to work on our nature photography skills. Plus it’s the perfect socially distanced activity you can work on as you go out and try and take…
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