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Self Talk Action Plan

We are big believers in developing a growth mindset here at Youth Online and one of the key elements of this is changing the way’s we talk to ourselves. You know, the wee conversations we have in our own heads, maybe for some of you it’s very occasional or for others it’s a constant monologue…
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Goal Setting For Beginners

In our life skills series we have been trying to share a range of topics that helps you make the most of your natural abilities and develop new skills to support your personal development. One important element of personal development is setting goals for yourself, these can be from the most simple things to bigger…
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Beginners Guide to Personal Budgets

Another key life skill to develop is being able to manage your money. One of the simpliest ways to do this is to create a budget (and stick to it). We’ve gathered together some information here to help you start the process of creating your own budget. Budgeting sounds complicated but its really just the…
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Wrap A Gift Like A Pro

You know that feeling you get when you unbox a new iPhone or other electronic gadget, as you slowly lift the lid off and then peel away the temporary screen protector, it almost adds to the magic and theatrics of getting a new piece of technology. High end electronics makers know this, so they have…
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Growth Mindset Action Plan

If you have ever come face to face with a challenge and things didn’t work out for you (and let’s face it who hasn’t been there) how you responded to it can be really important. Developing a growth mindset can help you reflect back on those challenges and create a plan for what to do…
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Personal Development Plan

There are probably loads of skills, activities and things you would like to learn as part of your personal and social development, but maybe you are so overwhelmed by it all you just don’t know where to start. At Youth Online we are big fans of personal development but we know that to get the…
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Create Your CV

With some extra time on our hands now can be the perfect time to create or update a CV to help you sell yourself to potential employers. Maybe you have just finished your GCSEs or A-levels and you aren’t sure about the next steps to take or whether University or returning to school is right…
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My Strengths Toolkit for Kids

Kids version of the My Strengths Toolkit.

My Strengths Toolkit

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