Tag: Lockdown

Entertaining Activities for Your Next Walk

Throughout the period of lockdown and whilst there has been better weather a lot of people have been getting into walking more to stay active and improve their mental health through time outdoor. Sometimes though if you are out on your walk with your family it can be slightly boring. So we’ve found these great…
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Ways To Be Helpful In Lockdown

One of the 5 key steps to wellbeing is to give, but this might seem like a bit of a challenge during lockdown or whilst socially distancing from others. Below we have complied a bit of a list of ways that people can help others whilst socially distancing or on lockdown, they are just some…
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Create Your Own Lockdown Map

One of the things we think is really important here at Youth Online is to take time out to reflect and we all do this in different ways. One cool way that could help you reflect on your experiences is to get involved in an interesting activity CityLab have put out there for everyone to…
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