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How to play Mafia with Friends

Mafia is a favourite game of some of the young people we work with, especially on residential, they enjoy it so much that we’ve even been playing during out online zoom group work sessions throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns. We thought that we would show you how to play it too with a great set of…
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Make Your Own Board Game

If you are interested in games as much as we are why not take this time to flex your creativity muscles to create your own? We’ve found a great instructable to help you work through the process and see how someone else created their own game, click the button below to see the guide:


If you are using the chrome web browser here is Block-a-saurus to keep you entertained (use the arrow keys or touch screen to make him jump or duck). Watch out it’s addictive trying to get the high score! Want to be added to our leaderboard below? Screenshot your high score and post it to Instagram…
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Virtual Games & Activities

If you have been struggling for ideas of what to do with your friends or family online over the last few weeks or just want something other to do than quizzes over zoom. Check out this list of great Apps or Activities that can be played virtually. All the of the apps in this list…
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Mental Health Cookie Catcher

Want to work on your mental health or support a friend whilst talking on the phone or on a video chat – why not use this great resource from Time To Change: The Mental Health Cookie Catcher is a great conversation starter that gives you things to discuss and activities to do that support your…
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Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

The alphabet scavenger hunt is a great game to play via a group chat with your friends. The rules are simple, although you can adapt them to suit your group. First get everyone into a group chat. To begin the game each friend runs around their house to find an item that begins with each…
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Games to Play on Zoom

Stuck for something to do with your friends on video chat tonight? The Independent have gathered together a collection of games you can play whilst on your next group video chat. Click the link below to check out the full article.

Game Pack

Looking for more ideas of how to get active or get your family more involved in activities together? Click the download button attached to get a pack of games collated by EA Youth Work staff (normally these games are used in our groups within centres but if you think creatively you can adapt them to…
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