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Work Out Wednesday’s Week 11

Jason is back with another work out Wednesday today it’s high 5: 5 exercises 10 reps of each. Don’t forget that you are one exercise away from getting fit and one meal away from eating healthier! So that you don’t miss any of the great videos we will be putting out on YouTube click the…
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Entertaining Activities for Your Next Walk

Throughout the period of lockdown and whilst there has been better weather a lot of people have been getting into walking more to stay active and improve their mental health through time outdoor. Sometimes though if you are out on your walk with your family it can be slightly boring. So we’ve found these great…
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Go Mountain Biking

Want an adrenaline filled way to get fit outdoors why not dust off your mountain bike and head for the trails that our situated across Northern Ireland and have different types of track suitable for all abilities. Check out the video below showing off some of the trails in Davagh Forest: If this has given…
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Work Out Wednesday’s Week 10

Jason’s Back with another work out with a difference to help you get active in this weeks challenge he want’s to get you juggling. So grab some oranges or apples and get started, if you master it why not take a short video of yourself juggling and send it in to us via the submit…
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Essential Bike Skills For Beginners

Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy and look after yourself and whether you are someone who is never off their bike or a beginner or occasional cyclist, now is a great opportunity to improve your cycling or get into a new type of riding. We’ve found three great how to videos…
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Work Out Wednesday’s Week 7

Jason is back with another work out Wednesday. This week he’s got some of his friends involved showing off loads of different activities that you can do to keep fit and healthy! Why not give some of these a try and get your friends involved too. Jason wants to see some of you create a…
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Work Out Wednesday’s Week 6

Jason’s back with another work out Wednesday and just to keep you guys guessing week in week out – this one is on a Thursday! It’s a really simple work out this week with two different exercises focusing on legs and arms and to keep it accessible for everyone there are a few variations of…
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Be Active Workout

Jason’s back with another work out Wednesday (only it’s on a Tuesday this week!) to keep us active during #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek Check out his video where he teaches us how exercise can be an important part of positive mental health and then takes us through a ten exercise work out. Work out: Press Ups (10 Reps)…
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Work Out Wednesdays Week 4

It’s another Wednesday work out here at youth online with Jason one of the EA youth work staff and our resident fitness guru. Today he is taking us through Planks to work on our Core strength and Jump Squats to work on our leg strength. Grab you family or whoever lives with you and get…
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Workout Wednesdays Week 2

Remember it’s important to stay fit and healthy whilst we stay safe at home. Join Jason one of EA youth workers as he takes us through his Wednesday work out. So that you don’t miss any of the great videos we will be putting out on YouTube click the button below to subscribe: