Tag: Family

Create A Scrapbook

If you are anything like most of the people on the planet you have gathered up a bunch of photographs, trinkets or memories that are either sitting in a box somewhere or stored away on one of your devices and you never get to look at them properly. Why not use the time you have…
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Create A Drive In Cinema Experience

This activity isn’t so much for everyone reading this but giving you an idea of something special you can do with any little brothers and sisters that live with you. Why not take a bit of time to create a drive in movie experience for them? As lock down eases we are seeing real life…
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Create a Family Time Capsule

One of the things we are hearing from the young people we are working with about being on lockdown safe at home is that they are getting closer with their family. Why not take this opportunity make your own time capsule to document things about everyone at this point in time that you can call…
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