Tag: Employability

Create Your CV

With some extra time on our hands now can be the perfect time to create or update a CV to help you sell yourself to potential employers. Maybe you have just finished your GCSEs or A-levels and you aren’t sure about the next steps to take or whether University or returning to school is right…
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Learn To Touch Type

You might think you are pretty good on a keyboard and that your typing speed is pretty fast. Well so did we… but after taking a typing test from Typing.com we were about average. You might not think that being able to touch type quickly and accurately is important but you would be surprised the…
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Employability Skills

With some additional time on our hands now is a good opportunity to think about developing our employability skills – this great video from Cazalla Intercultural and Salto Youth provides information about the 9 key skills employers are looking for. For more information visit:Salto YouthCazalla Intercultural