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Create Your Own Escape Room

If you are anything like us you love a good challenge or puzzle. So why not harness your creativity to develop and build your own DIY escape room for your family members. Your escape room can be has challenging or as easy as you like! Click the button below to see a really great guide…
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Toilet Roll Art

Now that the panic buying of toilet rolls has calmed down one thing craft resource you probably aren’t short of is the toilet roll tubes. There are some great arts and crafts you can use them for and we found this great one for making your own mini Japanese Koinobori, shown in the gif below:…
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Bottle Rocket

Have you ever wanted to build a bottle rocket that flies as high as the one in the video below? Click the button below to see the brilliant how to guide to learn how they built this bottle rocket. Why not film your own attempt and post it on social media? Don’t forget to tag…
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No-Sew Easter Sock Bunny

Let’s go and be crafty… I wonder what we can make?
How about this cute Easter bunny that’s easy to create!
With no sewing or gluing, its mess and fuss-free,
A super cute gift to you from me!

CADi Activity Booklet

CADi Staff members Lauren, Clodagh and Lucille created this activity booklet for our CADi Crews and are now sharing it with you. It has plenty of ideas for you to enjoy including top 5 recommendations from other young people, goal setting activities and a good old CADi word search to name a few. Click the…
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Whack-A-Virus DIY Game

For those of you who are feeling really creative whilst we are staying safe at home we’ve found the perfect long term project for you on INSTRUCTABLES the Whack-A-Virus game! Click the button below to see the full guide on how to create this fun gadget (Don’t worry you only need some basic tools and…
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At Home Science

Do you want to become the next Albert Einstein or Marie Curie? Why not use this time at home to try out different science experiments and see what results you can get. Steve Spangler science has loads of different experiments you can try at home (we like the Soda Can Jump) click the button below…
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WheelWorks Arts Digital Arts Festival.

Youth arts charity WheelWorks Arts is launching Northern Ireland’s first digital arts festival hosted entirely online. It starts on Monday 13th April and will have a series of artist-led creative workshops take place every day for 6 weeks. You can get involved in music, animation, photography, dance, visual arts and filmmaking. The festival is completely…
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Virtual Band

Being safe at home gives you the perfect opportunity to try and master a new skill, maybe you have always wanted to learn to play the guitar or the piano or the drums? Check out the link below that will let you do both and more. Why not get everyone else in your house to…
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Magic Sand Jar

This sand jar is all about getting in touch with your senses! Pick your favourite colours and watch the sand change colour as you squish it. Pour the sand in to create whatever design you want and watch the colours layer up and create colourful designs. If you enjoy ASMR and getting your hands dirty…
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