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Make Your Own Marble Run

Make Your Own Marble Run Do you want to create your own marble run like the ones in the video below? It’s a great way to challenge your creative thinking and making skills. Click the button below to check out the great tutorial from the Eden Project to help you get started. Try to see…
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Toilet Roll Art

Now that the panic buying of toilet rolls has calmed down one thing craft resource you probably aren’t short of is the toilet roll tubes. There are some great arts and crafts you can use them for and we found this great one for making your own mini Japanese Koinobori, shown in the gif below:…
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Bottle Rocket

Have you ever wanted to build a bottle rocket that flies as high as the one in the video below? Click the button below to see the brilliant how to guide to learn how they built this bottle rocket. Why not film your own attempt and post it on social media? Don’t forget to tag…
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Messages of Hope

Over the last few weeks you have probably seen the drawings of rainbows in peoples windows showing support for the NHS (maybe you’ve even done one yourself!) Or maybe for those of you that watched Cara’s Great Vlog on our YouTube channel saw the some of the drawings people had put around the forest where…
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No-Sew Easter Sock Bunny

Let’s go and be crafty… I wonder what we can make?
How about this cute Easter bunny that’s easy to create!
With no sewing or gluing, its mess and fuss-free,
A super cute gift to you from me!

Whack-A-Virus DIY Game

For those of you who are feeling really creative whilst we are staying safe at home we’ve found the perfect long term project for you on INSTRUCTABLES the Whack-A-Virus game! Click the button below to see the full guide on how to create this fun gadget (Don’t worry you only need some basic tools and…
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Indoor Snow

Want to create your own indoor snow? Click the button below to check out the simple guide from Elemental Science that shows you how to create your own snow at home using just two ingredients that you probably already have in the house somewhere. (Helpful Hint: here we call Corn Starch – Cornflour)

Magic Sand Jar

This sand jar is all about getting in touch with your senses! Pick your favourite colours and watch the sand change colour as you squish it. Pour the sand in to create whatever design you want and watch the colours layer up and create colourful designs. If you enjoy ASMR and getting your hands dirty…
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Pick Me Up Jar

I think we are all going a little stir crazy right now Jefree Star The key is to not let these feelings take over us. A pick me up jar is somewhere for you to keep all things that make you happy and keep you grounded. Follow along with this tutorial to make one with…
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Relaxing Colouring

You might think that colouring in is only for kids but it can be a great way to relax and take some time out. Click the button below to check out Just Colour which is filled with lots of different examples of colouring pages designed to help you relax and unwind. If you have a…
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