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Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Want the perfect way to create a home made gift whilst we are on lockdown – look no further than this easy tutorial for how to make a Bath Bomb it’s even got a how to video. All it takes is a few simple ingredients, you can relax in a warm bath with an awesome fizzy DIY…
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Make Your Own Dinosaur Ice Eggs

Check out another great how to tutorial from TheDadLab on youtube which is a whole pile of fun and could be a nice way to surprise any younger brothers or sisters that live with you. Plus at the end you get to take a hammer to the ice at the end to free the dinosaur…
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Make Your Own Board Game

If you are interested in games as much as we are why not take this time to flex your creativity muscles to create your own? We’ve found a great instructable to help you work through the process and see how someone else created their own game, click the button below to see the guide:

Draw Like A Disney Animator

If you want to take your drawing skills to the next level we’ve found the perfect YouTube playlist for you created by Disney Animators themselves as they walk you through the methods for drawing different characters. Here’s one we liked of how to draw Mickey Mouse: Check out the full playlist here:

Willow Lanterns

We’ve another great how to video from The Eden Project showing you how to create your own Willow Lantern. You need some specific materials for this how to but don’t worry you can improvise with what you have at home. To make a Willow Lantern you will need: A Tray Tissue Paper PVA Glue Sponge…
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Flip Book Animation

Have you ever wanted to make your own hand drawn flip book animations check out this great how to video to get you started! All it takes is a pen, some card or thick paper and a light to work with (don’t worry you can use a window for this) and the only limits are…
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Birds Eye Weave

Check out this great how to tutorial from Christine one of the youth workers with the CADi programme. Watch the video below to learn how to make your own Birds Eye Weave. Once you’ve finished why not share this tutorial with your friends and show off your handy work on Instagram or Facebook, don’t forget…
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Make Your Own Slime

Check out this video from Christine one of the youth workers with the CADi programme as she teaches us all how to make our own slime at home. Why not give it a go yourself and share your results on your social feeds – Don’t forget to Tag the EAYouthService and use the hashtag #stayconnected

Scrap Fabric Garland

Check out the great craft tutorial from Clodagh one of our CADi youth workers. She will show you how to turn your scrap fabric into a lovely garland. This is the perfect way to upcycle some fabric you have lying around, adding some colour to your indoor or outdoor space. Once you’ve finished why not…
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Story Stones

Now is a great time to spread some joy to your friends and family (all whilst observing social distancing of course!) so we found this great tutorial about how to create your own story stones that have positive messages to encourage others. Check out the how to guide for creating story stones and how you…
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