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Easy Make Sock Teddy

Here’s another link to a great craft for you to get involved in, its really easy and doesn’t involve a lot of materials. Check out the photo below of this adorable sock teddy that you can make yourself. If you want to create your own cute teddy like this click the button below and check…
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Wool Bowls

Christine on of the CADi youth work staff is back with another craft tutorial for you that doesn’t take too many resources and any of us should be able to achieve it. It can even look really cool if you take some time and attention to do it really carefully. The CADi East participants were…
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Celery Stamped Flowers

Here is another great arts and craft tutorial that you might never have thought up on your own. You’ve probably heard of or tried potato stamping art, why not swap out the potato for a piece of celery to create interesting shapes and textures with the paint. In the photo below check out the picture…
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Egg Carton Flowers

If you are looking for another great craft to get involved with that you don’t need a lot of resources for we’ve another great one for you right here. Check out these amazing three dimensional pieces of art work created with nothing other than old egg cartons and some paint. If you think these are…
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Shadow Drawing

Shadow drawing is another great way to get creative and get into drawing you can make it as basic or as advanced as you like and come up with a whole host of ideas for final pieces of art work. Check out the photo below where one mum got her son to draw around the…
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Create Your Own Lockdown Map

One of the things we think is really important here at Youth Online is to take time out to reflect and we all do this in different ways. One cool way that could help you reflect on your experiences is to get involved in an interesting activity CityLab have put out there for everyone to…
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Make Your Own Dinosaur Ice Eggs

Check out another great how to tutorial from TheDadLab on youtube which is a whole pile of fun and could be a nice way to surprise any younger brothers or sisters that live with you. Plus at the end you get to take a hammer to the ice at the end to free the dinosaur…
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Create Your Own Fairy Garden

Credit for this idea goes to PlayBoard NI and the example photos included in this activity. Why not use some of your creativity and free time to create a magical fairy garden either for your own family members (younger siblings will love this!!) or for those walking past your house on their daily walks. All…
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Draw Like A Disney Animator

If you want to take your drawing skills to the next level we’ve found the perfect YouTube playlist for you created by Disney Animators themselves as they walk you through the methods for drawing different characters. Here’s one we liked of how to draw Mickey Mouse: Check out the full playlist here:

Willow Lanterns

We’ve another great how to video from The Eden Project showing you how to create your own Willow Lantern. You need some specific materials for this how to but don’t worry you can improvise with what you have at home. To make a Willow Lantern you will need: A Tray Tissue Paper PVA Glue Sponge…
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