Look After Yourself

Ideas for looking after yourself:​

Connect with others

if you can use technology to stay in touch, use video chat, normal chat or message your friends…if you can. Check up on family and friends to see if they are OK. Use the time to improve your existing relationships.


Limit your time outside and keep your distance from other people; but still get fresh air in your garden, or go for a short walk, run or cycle. Also take care of your mind by meditating, or take time to work thought any worries and connect with others for support. and keep to a daily routine if you can

Manage your mind

While connecting with others or exercise can help, you can also learn a new skill or spend time on a hobby. There are a wealth of free tutorials online you can follow.

Eat well

With lots of free time it might be hard to keep the snacks to a minimum. Instead unleash your hidden Chef, follow video tutorials, make a pancake or 10, make a stew or treat your family to something new. Try new foods, be healthy, try meat free Mondays or Fruit on Fridays!

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