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Build Your Own Card Tower

Have you ever wanted to know the correct way to build a card tower, how to get all the cards to balance and to create some of the amazing structures you see shared online? If so, check out the video below from Wired where they have Guinness World Record-holding cardstacker Bryan Berg teaching us the…
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Animal Sounds Quiz

We know you all love a quiz here on Youth Online and we’ve found a great one created by google earth and science Friday where you have to guess the sound an animal makes and then you get to see where it’s from in the world and a few other bits of information about it.…
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Logo Quiz – Round 2

If you enjoyed the first logo quiz Jamie one of our CADi youth work staff created, then you are in luck because he has produced another for you to get involved with. As with the other one you can use it to frustrate your siblings, parents and anyone that lives in your house. Click the…
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Ultimate Paper Plane

With a bit of time on your hands, now is your perfect chance to get into aviation… at least of the paper variety. Why not take a leaf out of the same book as the England football fan in the video below and use your boredom to create the ultimate paper plane! Don’t worry we…
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Lego Master Builders Challenge

If you have been enjoying the Lego challenges we have posted here before we have another treat for you, some of the Master Builders from Legoland California have been using the lockdown to post mini challenges on their website for everyone with Lego at home to get involved with. So far challenges have included things…
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Science Challenges From The Engineers at Dyson

Do you enjoy making things, trying stuff out and generally creating experiments? Well the engineers at Dyson (yes the people that make hoovers and other stuff) have come up with a great set of challenge cards that give you 44 experiments that you can do with stuff you have in your home. Some of the…
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Music Challenge

Check out this great challenge Brenton one of our CADi youth workers has set you all. Watch the video below for full instructions and then click the links to get the files you will need to join in. We can’t wait to hear what you all come up with! Click the download links below to…
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Learn to Juggle

Being on lock down is a great time to learn a new skill that you have always wanted to try, especially one that takes a bit of time and practice to get it right. If you’ve always wanted to become a juggling master but don’t know where to start check out this video from world…
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Lego Challenges

Check out this great set of lego challenges Jamie one of our CADi youth workers has created. Click the link below to download the full document of challenges. Once you’ve built some of these share a picture on your instagram stories and tag EAYouthService using the hash tag #stayconnected

Make Your Own Marble Run

Make Your Own Marble Run Do you want to create your own marble run like the ones in the video below? It’s a great way to challenge your creative thinking and making skills. Click the button below to check out the great tutorial from the Eden Project to help you get started. Try to see…
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