Schools Out – Live & Active

Check out this great page that has a great collection of links to a range of different live activities designed to get you moving and staying active.

Megan’s Thursday Fitness Routine

Every Thursday Megan hosts an online fitness routine for some of her friends, check out the instructions attached – so that you can get involved too!

Create Your Own Ridiculous Contraption

With plenty of extra time on our hands at home why not try to build your own Ridiculous Contraption. There are plenty of examples online – check out this article from LifeHacker for tips on how to build yours: Now Is the Time to Build a Ridiculous Contraption Why not take up the challenge to…
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28 Days of Mindfulness

Here are 28 great ideas for becoming more mindful and taking notice of the world around you – why not give some of these ideas a go and if they are helpful let others know about them. Don’t forget to tag EAYouthService in your posts and share with the hashtags #mentalhealthawareness #youthonline #stayconnected.

Magazine Art

Get out those old magazines, and start cutting! Trim out as many facial features and accessories as you can (eyes, lips, noses, mustaches, ears, eyebrows, hats, earrings, etc.) and let the kids have a blast gluing them to pre-drawn heads. I’ll bet you could even print a few out with a quick Google search to make…
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DIY Paper Bunting

This DIY paper bunting would make the perfect decoration to brighten up your house. When you are done why not post a photo the finished product to Instagram or Facebook and tag EAYouthService (Don’t forget to use the hashtag #stayconnected)

Hand Art

Check out this great hand art tutorial for hand art from Newry, Mourne and Down youth worker Bethany which is a great way to be creative whilst thinking about the things that are important to you. Once you’ve finished why not post a photo your ‘handy work’ to Instagram or Facebook and tag EAYouthService (Don’t…
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My Strengths Toolkit for Kids

Kids version of the My Strengths Toolkit.

Don’t throw away

Don’t through away your milk cartons and jars.

During isolation…

Some young people are being creative about what they can do when in isolation. Why not post your creative work to Instagram or Facebook and tag EAYouthService (Don’t forget to use the hashtag #stayconnected)