Fake News Quiz

You have no doubt heard about fake news and everything this entails from politicians shouting at one another to the latest scam getting boomers to hand over the their credit card details. Well we wanted to create a test to see if you are as good as you think at figuring out what’s real or fake online. But first why is fake news such a challenge?

Well as saferinternet.org.uk points out there are 5 main areas outlined below that can cause problems for people both online and offline:

Credit: saferinternet.org.uk

So you know why it’s a problem but can you take our quiz below to see if you can spot which headline is real or fake taken from examples across the web:


Australia Moves!

Australia is moving north which means people using satnavs might struggle to find significant landmarks.

Woman gives birth to 5 stone baby.

Look at these photos of the baby who’s birth earned it a place in the Guinness book of world records.


Man Arrested for Putting Fake Arrow Decals on the Floor of IKEA.

He created a labyrinth with no exit that trapped some customers for hours.